Bloggers Block

You know… Durring the day I have all sorts of creative thoughts that run through my head that make me think to myself 'That would be something really interesting to post on my blog' but by the time I get around to logging in here to post something I can never think of what it was i wanted to say, or how to say it.

Oh well, maybe if I just start typing something interesting will come out?

I've been reading up on Microsoft Access lately since school has been out in the hopes that i can create somthing nifty that will help me out at work. While I'm not learned enough in Access i know enough to get me started. This week I was able to tie together one of the main systems and present them well enough in forms to start using it. Today I started using it for actually inputting data. The more I use it the more ideas come to me on things I need to add. Unfortunately one of my main problems has always been when working on programs/websites i usually keep thinking of cool ideas i want to add and the project keeps getting so over wehlming that i never get it to the point of being used. I guess these are the moments where you need to write out your plan/goal and follow through with that, then once completed create another list of plans/goals and then follow through with those and not be blinded by the tantalizing thoughts of 'cool' features that I want to add.

Well, I guess this post wasn't to bad. Maybe the more I do this the better i'll be at posting interesting stuff, like some sort of philisophical/political/religious rant.


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