My Hard drive crashed.

I hate it when I type something and then internet explorer decides to refresh and I loose everything I just typed!Anyways….
A few weeks ago the worst thing that could possibly happen to my computer happened…. My hard drive crashed. I lost pretty much everything that had sentimental importance to me, my digital camera pictures, my school files, my work files, my email that I have had archived for the past 5 years. All gone. I scoured the internet to see if I could find any tricks to help revive it and all I could find was this mysterious “Freezer Trick.” This freezer trick involves sticking a crashed hard drive into the freezer over night and then re-installing it into your computer. A lot of people claimed this to work, however I want to let the world know that it didn’t work for me. All I got was a lot of wasted time and grief.
However I also came across Drive Savers. This seems to be THE company to take your damaged hard drives to for recover. So I emailed them asking about the cost and this was my response:
Our pricing is based on the drive capacity, the operating system, and
the complexity of the recovery. DriveSavers will never exceed the
maximum amount quoted.

The estimate to recover data from the 120GB Hard Drive you described is:

* Standard 1-2 Business Day Service: $900-3900.
* Economy 5-7 Business Day Service: $500-2700.

There is a $200.00 attempt fee if the data is not recoverable.

* Priority Round-the-Clock/Weekend Service: $1800-8900, with a
$800.00 attempt fee.

Recovered data can be put on the media of your choice such as a
replacement drive, CD, DVD, DAT tape, magneto-optical or removable
media cartridges and floppies.

To start the data recovery process please call DriveSavers at
800-440-1904 to obtain a Job Number & Shipping instructions.

So between $500-$2700 dollars I need to come up with. That’s not the type of money I have lying around. Maybe I can afford it after I pay off my credit cards.

I want to buy a new computer too. I figure that will run me between $1000-$1500, but I’m going to wait for Microsoft to release their 64-bit version of windows longhorn.

Good thing I’m a patient man.


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