Fresh on the Market

I think I'm going to start activly looking for new employment. I had a small episode today at work that helped me realize that I'm not quite a good fit at my current job. I've know this for a while now but the job is starting to wear on me mentally and its getting tiring. On top of the stress at work(Most of it is self inflicted at work I think) Stress from finals at school has been getting at me too. The one thing I do like about my current job is the security and flexibility.

In my business comunications class we have been talking about the process for looking for work, resumes, and interviews. The first step it says to do when staring your search for a job is to figure out what you have to offer an employer. One of the methods to do this is to list out your 10 most important Achievements. I'm not sure if I have that many, but here is my list:

  1. Lost 75lbs. From 280 to 205, although I'm currently at 215.
  2. Obtained my Associates Degree in Computer Science: Networking
  3. Being the first of my Friends to own my car outright
  4. Being the first of my Friends to be a home owner
  5. Becoming a Master Technician at Earthlink
  6. Built my barn style storage shed for my backyard
  7. Self-taught in Computer construction/troubleshooting
  8. Learning computer technologies such as HTML, C#
  9. Gained a working knowledge of spanish from working as a labor in a construction company.
  10. Learned to sail small sailboats.

Next it says to look at your educational preparation, work experience, and extracurricular activites

  • Associates Degree in Computer Science: Networking
  • 3 Years Technical support for Earthlink
  • Enjoy learning new technologies and programing on my spare time.
  • 1 Year as a concrete laborer
  • 1 Year Construction office Staff Support

Next, take stock of personal characteristics

  • As much as i'd like to have the characteristics of a leader, I am not one. Although in situations where there is a lot of disarry I'll pretend to be one to help get organized.
  • I enjoy learning
  • I work well with others
  • I'm not the conversation starter.
  • Good mediator, help people think through issues

Then it talks about how to make yourself more valuable to an employer.

I just wanted to jot this down here on my blog so I could reference it later.


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