Home Improvement

Well, this weekend Christi and I have begun our summer long Home Improvement to try and make this ‘hole’ more hospitable. The few people we have allowed to see our home claim that it is ‘cozy’ which I think is a nice way of saying ‘small and cluttered.’ At least thats how I feel about the house.
Anyways, the major project that we started on this weekend was our backyard. We’ve mowed down most of the weeds we’ve grown and sprayed some roundup on a little over half of the back yard, we’ll probably finish off the rest of the back yard next week. And if we have time next week we’ll probably use a rotortiler to mulch up the dirt to get it ready for some sod. So this won’t be a quick project. I think after the back yard our next project will be to get the carpet installed, and then after that it will be to lay down a back patio, and maybe a driveway.
Another thing we are getting done is having our new/used windows installed. Marsha, the neighborhood representitive, introduced us to Ed, a local handyman. Ed said that he’d be able to install the windows for us at $75 bucks a window. I figured that sounded reasonable. As of this posting he has only gotten one window installed which took him 5 hrs, thats $15/hr. Thats damn cheap, eventhough he didn’t admit it, i think he underestimated how long it was going to take him to get them installed. I won’t be supprised if he says he’ll have to do the other window a different day, its already 5 o’clock. We shall see.


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