Star Wars: Reveng of the Sith

Lucky us,
last week Christi won two tickets to go see Star Wars Revenge of the Sith the night before it was released. We still had to wait in line for about 2 hours before the show started, but that wasn’t too bad.
My review of the movie is this: It kicks major butt!
All of the other Star Wars movies have a type of ‘fun’ feeling to them but Sith has a completly different feel to it, its a much more mature movie, much more serious. Eventhough that makes it a bit different from the rest, its far from a bad thing. In the original trillogy Darth Vader has always been the ‘dude in black’ but now a face has been put into the mask and you can truely see how evil Vader became. At first I felt that Anikin’s submission to the dark side came a bit to quick but when I think back on it I don’t believe that was the case. The part of him that was still trying to become a Jedi kept him from being too boastfull, but you can see that he believes he is far superior than the other Jedi, and that is what Darth Sidious provoked out of Anikin.
I highly recomend that you go see the final chapter in this series. Christi cried the last half hour of the movie… its that good 😉


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