Welcome back Ed!

I came home today to find none other than Ed the handy man waiting for me so he could continue his work on my windows. Last monday I called Ed wondering where he was at since he was supposed to be at my house at 3pm but never showed. His girlfriend answered and said that he’d call me back in 10 minutes, that was the last I heard of him until now.
All things aside he pretty much finished the window and I paid him $75 for the work, and I’ll pay him another $75 when he finishes the second one. Even with his flakyness its still a good deal, considering it took him close to 7hrs total to finish the first window. Thats just under $11/hr. I don’t think Ed’s doing too good with his side job business if thats what he’s charging for his work. But, its good for me! Plus I was able to watch him work and it seems like he does a decent job, probably not the best work but pretty good work.
We shall see how things go this saturday…


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