My life, here and now.

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on what’s happening in my life. I sure do have a lot of odd ball posts…

Forget Waldo, where’s Ed?
Lets see, my last real post (not including the MacTel post) was back at the end of May and I commented about our handy man Ed who was a no-show for the job I hired him to do. Well, that was the last I’ve heard from him. He was supposed to comeback that next Saturday. He still has left a bunch of his stuff here, namely a ladder, some nails, some putty knives, a Shop vac with a broken wheel, and some buckets that I think have putty in them. So, I guess I’m hanging on to his stuff until he feels ready to comeback and install the last window. But if he doesn’t I think I’d be able to install it… it didn’t look to hard to do.

Our little Tri-ped dog, Hunter, has been seemingly sick now for at least a month. He used to be a spaz of a dog that couldn’t wait for Christi or I to come home. But for over a month now he’s been super lethargic and wont eat. He trembles when he breaths or stands and the vet said that he’s been losing muscle. He has been in and out of his local vet whom couldn’t find anything wrong with him after running multiple tests. So ultimately they have now referred us to a specialty hospital, which Christi is taking him to tomorrow.
Christi has really been feeling bad about Hunter, I came home today for lunch and found her holding Hunter and crying. Feeling bad that she isn’t able to help him. So I spent my lunch consoling her. Hopefully the new doctor will be able to help us.

This Thursday morning Christi and I are heading off to the tropical islands of Hawaii. It should be fun and relaxing, I think I’ve really been stressing out lately from work. I hope this lets me shake some of that anxiety I keep feeling like I bring home. One of the things we are going to do, besides relaxing on the beach, is to take a tour of Pearl Harbor. I’m looking forward to that, even though my Aunt said that it’s not really that great. I’m really really looking forward to relaxing though!!!

Two Years Tomorrow
Tomorrow, 6/22/05, will be our second full year since Christi and I’ve started dating. I wonder if she suspects that I got her something…


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