My Trip in the Aloha State, Hawaii

Well, Christi and I’ve returned from Hawaii last Thursday. Things have been hectic for me since I’ve returned and haven’t had the time yet to update my blog.

I must say that Hawaii is a really relaxing place to visit, everyone there is super laid back. We stayed in Waikiki which is on the island of Oahu, which we were told contains 95% of all hotels in the Hawaiian islands. 3% of the other Hotels are on Maui, and the other 2% are scatered across the other 6 islands. So chances are if you are going to Hawaii, you’ll be staing in Waikiki. Another interesting fact is that the Hawaiian state fish is the Humuhumunukunukuapua’a. Well, here is a summay of our trip.

Day 1
Since we wern’t yet adjusted to Hawaiian time we started to get hungry around 3pm(6pm Sacramento time). So we started to look for a place to eat and couldn’t find any resturants opened. Apparently all the local resturants are closed between lunch and dinner. However we did find a Cheesecake factory and were able to eat there. Then we took a stroll on the beach of Waikiki.

Day 2
We went to an orientation breakfast thing and then went on a tour of the Maui Diver’s jewlery store. After that we wen’t to one of the biggest hawaii tourist stores called Hilo Hattie. After that we strolled around Waikiki for a while and then had our ‘expensive dinner’ at a resturant called Top of Waikiki which was cool. Its a resturant that sits ontop of a hotel and slow spins around so you can get a view of the whole beach while you dine.

Day 3
We spent a good portion of the day trying to figure out the Hawaii bus system. Note: If you need a bus schedule you have to get it at McDonalds, I have no idea why they are only at McDonalds. After are fiasco with the bus system we went on a tropical hike through a rain forest and at the end of it was a water fall. After we got back to the hotel we got in our bathing suits and headed out to the beach. While there we found out that they were having a Catholic mass on the beach, so we attened that, it was very nice.

Day 4
This was our day were we had nothing planned. So we spent the day on the beach, and strolling around Waikiki. Among other things we did, we went to the international market place. We dinned at Planet Hollywood that night. Also on Saturday’s and Sunday’s they show a free movie on the beach, we ended up seeing the last 30min’s of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Day 5
We spent the first half of the day snorkling at Hamahuma Bay, which was way cool! You basicaly swim around with your head in the water looking at all the tropical fish. The second half of the day we went fishing on a boat called the Barg. The batteries in our camera died so we didn’t get any pictures of our fishing trip. It was actually a lame fishing trip, I would higly recomend AGAINST doing any cheap fishing trips in Hawaii. We hardly caught any interesting fish and the whole trip was pretty lame. The highlight of the trip was that some one caught a small Hammer Head shark.

Day 6
We took a tour of Perl Harbor and the memorial of the Arizona battleship which was sunk they day of the attack. I thought it was interesting, a bit over crowded though. The company that took us to Perl Harbor was called “Duck tours.” Its a pretty lame company, I’d recomend not taking a tour with them. Their hook is that they have an amphibious vechicle that can drive right into the water and start swiming around. What it equates to is a slow vechile on land and in the water. While on land the piece of junk only has one gear so it can’t go any faster than 35mph, plus its unconfortable. Then the part where we went out into the water was stupid. Waste of time and money.

Day 7
We spent most of our day at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We were wanting to do a Luau and heard that the one here was one of the best on the island. We were disapointed. All we really saw was a whole lot of traditional dancing before the luau but not much talk about the history of the polynesians. With out understanding their history the dancing was fairly pointless. The luau was basically a self served dinner for a massive amount of people. the food was ok, but the entertainment was pretty bland, kinda like a Hawaiian version of a Las Vegas show. It felt more like a dinner show instead of any kind of authentic Hawaiian celebration.

Day 8
Our last day. We packed up, took one last quick stroll down the beach then waited for our ride to the airport, which never came. Then hailed a taxi, got to the air port and came back to Sacramento’s 95+ degree weather.

So, that was our trip in a nut shell. There were a few tourist events that we did that we didn’t like but over all We thought Hawai’i is an awesome place to visit and hope to go back to sometime. Christi’s ready to buy a house there.


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