A labor of love.

Christi and I spent this past weekend working our butts off installing new carpet for her room, which BTW is the least used room in the house. After doing a little reading on the steps to install I felt confidant enough to tackle the project. It took all day but, in spite of a few mishaps we got it installed and did a fairly decent job. The one part that really sucked was that the carpet we got wasn’t long enough on one end so it was about 2 inches from the wall. I taped the carpet together and went with it, good thing the screwup was in the closet. If you didn’t know, you wouldn’t have noticed it.

But, if installing carpet wasn’t enough work for one day, Christi MADE me install her ceiling fan. Let me just say that I HATE working on the ceiling!

You can see some of the pictures below.

Also, the weekend before last was the 4th of July. Christi and I went to Old Sacramento to watch the fireworks from Raley Field. I have some of those pictures posted below as well.

This heats killing me, I’m going back in to the living room where its cool.


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