How to get 66% off of Microsoft Money Deluxe 2005

This is cool!

A few months ago I downloaded Microsoft Money 2005 to see how it compared to Quicken 2005. I thought that Microsoft Money was a way better product, a little clunky but not so much as Quicken. The Quicken interface just feels like it came from windows 3.1 and it never felt intuitive to use (I’ve been using it since Quicken 2003). Anyways, back to the point.

After my 90 day trial period expired it prompted me to purchase it for only $39, retail is $59. The discount would come in form of a rebate it stated. So I looked around to see if there were any sales at local stores or online, suprisingly I couldn’t find a single sale for MS Money. So I decided to go ahead and purchase it online. I was suprised to find that they only charged my account the $39. I figured, cool I don’t have to do the rebate! but then I was prompted to download the rebate form and send it in, so I did.

Now I have a $20 check in my hand ready to be cashed. So basically I got $20 off of the $39 I paid, that comes to paying only $19 for a $59 product… not too bad!

Note: I just saw that they have Microsoft Money 2006 out now! Sheesh, can you ever win?


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