House project #137 – Installing a new window.

This house is just one project after another. If you read my previous entries you’d know that a while back I bought two windows from a sale at the Home Depot. These windows were really good quality windows, but their nailing fins were ripped out. The nailing fins serve two purposes in a window:

  1. To nail the window to the framing of the house
  2. To keep water from leaking into the house when it rains.

Now, I didn’t know anything about windows when I bought these. All I knew at the time is that they’d fit into my old single pane windows and that they were a great deal, $20 a piece! I figured that these probably were store display models that they no longer wanted. Once I learned about the nailing fins and what their purpose was I didn’t want to install the windows for fear of future problems with leaks and wood rot.

But one day Ed the handy man came into my life, he told me he could install them for me at $75 a pop. That sounded like a deal to me, i figured i’d have two new installed windows for a total of $95 a piece, installed! You can’t beat a deal like that! He said that you just need to make sure that you do a good caulking job. However, Ed the handyman turned out to be a flake. He only installed one window, which he didn’t get all the way finished. I blogged about that here, here, and here (BTW, I still have all the stuff that Ed left here). When Ed installed the window I watched him and it looked fairly simple, so I took on the task. You can see all my pictures below.

The one thing that Ed screwed up on was that when he installed the window he didn’t make sure that it would line up right with the rest of the windows. So when I installed the last window I made sure that it would align with the other front window. However after I did that I noticed that the window Ed installed was 2 inches higher that the one I installed! That dip shit. So, I guess you get what you pay for. But, on the other hand, if i’d never seen Ed install that one window I wouldn’t have realized how easy it was and neither of them would have been installed.

I think the only things I’m going to work on today are finishing the window and installing two soffits into my shed.

Note: The one stuipd thing about Blogger is that it only shows a few of the current posts, so you can’t see all the pictures i posted up from my window project unless you click here.


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