My stand on abortion.

While surfing the net in my spare time at work I came across a site: Catholics for Choice.

I read through their Q&A portion of their website and couldn’t find any compelling argument to agree with their position. Instead of discussing logical reasoning for promoting their position they instead have a slew of survey/poll results on what different people in different parts of the world think. I doubt you can convert someone who has logical or philosophical reasoning to be pro-choice by saying “Everyone else thinks its OK.”

While I attribute my being pro life to me being Catholic and accepting the Church’s teaching on the issue, I also need to prove the position to myself on a logical level. In that respect:
I believe that life begins at the moment of conception simply because, scientifically speaking, that that complete strand of DNA is the basis of a new human life that has never existed and never again will exist. It is a unique strand of human DNA, its not the mothers DNA and therefore not a part of the woman’s body.
I think in this modern era people have less humility. By that I mean that they have less respect for who we truly are and our place in this universe. Everyone has desires and urges, but more importantly responsibility to ourselves and our fellow men. We have to acknowledge that we are both animalistic and spiritual beings. I think that old ways of living had a lot of merit but were followed due to tradition instead of really understanding the reasoning behind them. Now as we as a people are becoming more ‘educated’ we need to understand something before we commit to it(Thanks Adam & Eve!).
I have a feeling, or maybe its just hope, that eventually a lot of old traditions will come back but we will more fully understand the reason for practicing them.
I can also foresee that if we continue to base all of our decisions on our animal urges but use our knowledge to forgo any concenquences we would end up as a frankenstine society. One aspect would be we will end up having a ‘baby factory’, where people will wish to have their reproductive organs removed so we can ‘enjoy our bodies fully.’ If this sounds like the society you’d like then you should also enjoy reading Karl Marx’s work. He believes that government should be the ones to raise kids only because families are inherently evil.

Well, I gotta get back to work. Sorry if my ramblings seem a little disorienting, no proof reading was put in to this blog.


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