John G. Roberts Jr.: In His Own Words

John G. Roberts Jr.: In His Own Words: “Roberts vehemently opposed the creation of a temporary court between the Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court, an idea that was being floated by Chief Justice Warren E. Burger to reduce the Supreme Court’s workload. In a memo to Fielding on Feb. 10, 1983, Roberts urged instead that the court decline, for example, to hear so many death penalty appeals:
‘My own view is that creation of a new tier of judicial review is a terrible idea. . . . The fault lies with the Justices . . ., who unnecessarily take too many cases and issue opinions so confusing that they often do not even resolve the question presented. If the Justices truly think they are overworked, the cure lies close at hand . . . . So long as the court views itself as ultimately responsible for governing all aspects of our society, it will, . . . be overworked. A new court will not solve this problem.'”


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