Our backyard project update.

Well, We now have a sprinkler system installed… Talk about a lot of work! We trenched where our new outdoor faucet is to go, so we now have one on both sides of the house. Later I borowed a rototiller from work and till’ed up my yard, then Christi and I trenched where our sprinkler lines are supposed to go (Thanks go out to Greg, my company’s landscape division head, for telling us where to lay it out!). We layed out and set up the sprinkler system, made sure it worked and then burried it back up, and today I just finised grading our future patio so it’s now ready to be poured. Hopefully it will get poured by this Friday so I can get the sod in this weekend too.
Also, thanks to my Uncle Frank for helping me set the forms for my future patio!

This is hopefully what our patio will look like:

Here are some pictures of our last two weekends:

Here is a picture of me adjusting one of the form boards and you can see the trench of where our new faucet is.

Here’s Christi helping dig the trench for our center sprinkler.

If you look closely you can see an old pipe we uncovered, it wasn’t made of steal but some type of morter or brick material.

After finally getting everything up and running I finally get to adjust the sprinkler heads so they shoot in the right direction.

Christi posing for a picture of our completed sprinkler system. Notice the wet dirt, that is where our lawn is going to be!


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