Going clean.

Yesterday after I got back from school I found a package that was delivered to me, my new software that I ordered. After at least 2 years of using Windows XP Pro unlicensed I finally decided to go clean. I got in the mail a legit copy of Windows XP Pro SP2 for both 32-bit hardware and 64-bit hardware. I was supprised they gave me copies for both 32 and 64-bit hardware, when the time comes for me to build my AMD 64×2 I’ll have an OS to install that I like. The other software I purcased was a copy of Microsoft Visio 2003. You may be asking yourself why I would buy Visio after I just bought WinXP… Well, why not when they were only $10 a piece! Yup, being a student does have some perks. Hopefully the new Windows Vista, Visual Studio 2005, and Office 12 will come out before I graduate so I can grab them at this cheap ass price! Unfortunately as of right now my copy of Office 2003 is unlicensed, I hope to change that.


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