Nintendo has done it again!

It’s been a long time since i’ve spent any worth wile time playing a console. There are a lot of games that i plan on catching up on after i graduate college. One reason was because I haven’t really had time to get engrossed in any of the games, another reason was because after being introduced to the keyboard and mouse combo on the PC the console controller felt unnatural. Today I just read that Nintendo has anounced a innovative new controller for their next console “Revolution” (Appropriately named apparently!). This new controller is truly revolutionary in that every other controller has basically had the same type of lay out for the past 20 years, until now. You can move the contoller around like a sword or a gun with precision accuracy! Read about what it can do here.

I have two comments on this new controller.

1. Since you need to twist and turn the contoller with your wrist are we going to have a bunch of carpal tunnel syndrome lawsuits out for some of Nintendo’s money?
2. How the hell did someone come up with this idea? Perhaps one night after Shigeru Miyamoto had too much hot sake he turned on his Game Cube and tried playing it with his remote control, got pissed off and demanded that a remote control be made for him to play on his game cube.


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