School status update.

MGMT 120 – Marketing:

  • Finished with both presentations, my teacher wont give us our grade on them until all groups have done both of there presentations.
  • Finished with 1st exam, 2nd exam is this Wednesday. After this exam all I have to do is show up for class to get the participation points.
  • Oh, and Prof. Hodges is a horrible teacher… Maybe I shouldn’t post that until after I’ve gotten my grade?

MIS 120 – Advanced business programming:

  • I have no idea how I’m doing in this class, I’ve had one homework assignment and one exam. Neither of which I have gotten a grade back yet.

OBE 118 – Legal environment of business:

  • This is a TV course, I usually try to attend class on campus but when I need extra time I just skip this class since I can go back on the weekends and watch a rerun of the class online.
  • I’ve had one test, got a 90% on. Actually, I got a 75% but how he grades the exams are a little different. He gives you 100 questions and the exam is worth 100 points, but each question is worth 1.2 points. So its possible to get 120 on the exam. So since I got 75 right that comes out to 90 points!

Comms 103 – Presentational speaking:

  • Oddly enough this is a somewhat enjoyable class, its all about how to best present to audiences to convey your message effectively
  • I have done one solo 3 min presentation and got 80% on and one exam which I got 82%(I think… Something close to 82%)
  • Last Thursday I was supposed to deliver a 6 min persuasive presentation… I wasn’t ready, but thankfully we ran out of time so it was postponed until next Thursday.
  • Along with my 6 min presentation I also have a 20 minute group presentation due next week. PLUS an exam next week! So I have a lot of studying and practicing I need to due by next Thursday.

So, next Wednesday I have an exam I haven’t studied for yet. And next Thursday I have two presentations plus an exam! Yes, school has been keeping me busy!

definitely a trying week. I can’t wait until Halloween!

I’ll post pictures of our pumpkin’s by this Sunday!


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