Comm’s 103, crash and burn…

Well, I lost 3 battles today… Hopefully I can still win the war!

I just got done doing my two presentations and my mid term in my Comm’s 103 class. I don’t know why but it seems like the more I practice a presentation the worse I do on it.

  • Group presentation: We did our presentation on “How to give an effective presentation” Actually I don’t think I did to bad on this presentation but I don’t know if I spoke enough for my part.
  • Persuasive speech, 6 mins. I don’t know why but I was WAY nervous giving this presentation… Shaking hands and everything. This was the presentation I was working on for the past week! Well, maybe I should say this is the presentation I should have been working on the past week :-P. In the middle of this presentation I lost my place and then later dropped my cards and lost my place again! There was a whole section I cut out from my presentation!
  • Thirdly was my final, which I didn’t study for at all! I have a feeling I pretty much bombed on that test.

Probably a good half of my grade was earned tonight… Sigh…
oh well.

Now I can think about more important things, like Halloween!


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