Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning – Los Angeles Times

I found this article linked from the Drudgereport. It caught my attention because it about a church losing its non profit status due to preaching an anti-war message. I thought that was ridiculous! Any non-profit organization, especially a church, should be able to preach its beliefs (as long as it doesn’t specifically tell, or imply, how the congregation should vote). I think this fear is what keeps most sermons and homilies that I here fairly boring and not really applicable to my life or contemporary life.

but then I came across this quote from the pastor (Rector?)

Antiwar Sermon Brings IRS Warning – Los Angeles Times: “Later, he had Jesus confront both Kerry and Bush: ‘I will tell you what I think of your war: The sin at the heart of this war against Iraq is your belief that an American life is of more value than an Iraqi life. That an American child is more precious than an Iraqi baby. God loathes war.’

If Jesus debated Bush and Kerry, Regas said, he would say to them, ‘Why is so little mentioned about the poor?”

In his own voice, Regas said: ”The religious right has drowned out everyone else. Now the faith of Jesus has come to be known as pro-rich, pro-war and pro-American…. I’m not pro-abortion, but pro-choice. There is something vicious and violent about coercing a woman to carry to term an unwanted child.'”

I find it hard to believe that any person of faith, who believes in the holy trinity, would say there is any reason to abort and ‘unwanted child.’ I gurantee you that there will always be at least one person, somewhere in the world, that will want that child.

He starts off talking about how an Iraqi child is precieved as less precious than an American child and then goes on to say an unwanted child is less precious than either.

I think all are equally precious…

I just had to spout off on this topic…


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