I’m so tired…

That beatles song keeps playing in my head…

I’m sooooooo tired, i haven’t sleept a wink. I’m sooOOoooo tired, my mind is on the brink…

I was up till 4:30am this morning working on a home work asignment for my programing class… I had almost half of it done when i started working on it last night, at least thats what I thought! I guess I had the easy half done… The night before i got 6hrs of sleep, thats close to average for me. Last night (this morning) i got just about 2hrs. I was debating if I should have gone to work, I did. I didn’t have time yet to study for my Law test tomorrow, but I was able to catch up on all my classes (It’s a TV class that has archives on the internet, very nifty!!!). After my marketing class tomorrow I’m going to go over all my notes and cross my fingers. The last test was hard!

I’m sitting in my programing class now, I had a cup of java city coffee which really wires me…

My legs are tingling and i feel like i’m slighly drunk. I haven’t heard the voices in my head yet, I’ll take that as a good thing.

Polls close in 15mins, I hope you voted. I did!


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