The day of the governator

If you live in California, go out and VOTE!

This vote is going to be Arnolds legacy, if he can get his main inititaves passed (Teacher accountability, consent of union dues for political contributions, balanced budget, and legislative redistricting) he will go down as the govenor who gave California back to the people, esp with the redistricting inititave! (I think it is the most important one, not that the others arn’t important) If he fails at this election discussion will probably surface about who really controls California (a not so subtle hint: the unions…) and what will it take, if anything, to put California back on top. Not just prop it up in different ways so it keeps limping along.

From all that i’ve read, his inititaves are strait forward on what they will do and don’t have the fluff that California inititaves usually have.

I’ve always been a fan of Arnold, sure he may not be a ‘great’ actor, but he is a person who always presents himself in a positive light and always speaks of how to improve yourself. Just check out his website that has been up long before he was even thinking about being govenor.

Anyway, my biggest complaint about this election is that Arnold isn’t putting himself out as the major spokes man for these inititaves, at least as not as much as he should be. He has the charisma that draws people to him in a way that very few can do, same as Bill Clinton. I think that was his most powerfull weapon, but he didn’t use it, I believe, because of all of his negative poll numbers.

Just my $0.02

now back to work…



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