What is next?

Well, I think I’ve sobered up enough since the special election to post to my blog…

I know you, my avid reader, are eagerly awaiting my insightful thoughts on the special election. I was utterly surprised at the results, not a single initive passed. California is the state that loves to spend money like there’s no tomorrow and then when confronted with a legitimate way to reduce spending it is thoroughly rejected. I’m still worried about the gazillion dollar bond we passed for funding stem cell research.
Honestly, I have no idea what it will take to turn California around. The republican minority has been trying its hardest, since I can remember, to keep taxes down so that business will stay in the state thus keeping money flowing throughout the state so California can still be legitimately referred to as ‘The Golden State’. However the Republican minority is really little more than a speed bump to this bastion of democrats.

Anyone who thinks my suggestion that the unions control the California government is ludicrous then please take a look at this link from CalVoter.org. This shows the top 10 campaign contributions for the 2002 primary election for proposition 45, legislative term limits. The organizations of note are:

  • Democratic State Central committee (Why would they want to have their term limits kick them out of office when the unions are constantly giving them money?)
  • Correctional Peace Officers Union (Why spend extra money on new legislatures all the time when, instead, you can keep the ones already bought and paid for in office?)
  • State Employee’s Union (See above)
  • Teachers Union (See above)

It will be interesting to see what the results will be for this special election, from the numbers I’ve heard so far the unions spent upwards of $150,000,000 which was about 4-5x more than the Vote Yes group.

I will mention this, perhaps a silver lining. Despite of the amount paid for by the opposition, they only won by a sliver on most of the propositions. And oddly enough, the one that was closest to passing was the parental notification for teen abortions, prop 73. There is still hope for this state, but I fear that in order to completely turn around, this state will need to suffer though the consequences of its actions. If Arnold doesn’t get re elected next election, I’d suggest that the republicans step aside and let the democrats take us where they want to…

At that time you can reach me in Nevada or Arizona.


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