Quick Folowup Update

This weekend sucked. I didn’t get everything I wanted accomplished, here is what I still have left to do:

  • Meet one more time with my Marketing group, I was working a little on the paper that is due Wednesday, its obvious that our outline we came up with isn’t the greatest.
  • Watch my last TV class, Which I plan to do durring my lunch break at work. Then study for my final which is at 5pm tonight!
  • Study for my MIS 120 (VB.NET Programing class) final which is tomorrow.

So, its not too much left. The biggest thing is getting our marketing paper together to turn in on Wednesday. Its worth a huge amount of points. 200 to be exact.
Thankfully I’m finished with all of my work for my Communications 103 class, and I finished my homework for MIS 120. Once I’m completely finished with everything I plan on sitting down and writing a reflection of this semester, because I know my blog is just soooooo interesting to read! You know how I know? because of the large volume of comments i recieve on my blog…

*dripping sarcasam*


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