Sac State Fall 2005 – Completed

*Deep Breath*

I did it.

I finished another full semester at Sacramento State while working full time. This is only the second time I have ever done this before, and actually completed one or the other. My first attempt to work full time and go to school full time resulted in me quiting Earthlink because I was falling behind in my classes and they wouldn’t let me take at least a leave of absence (With out pay) to focus on school. About 3-4 months after i quit i found out that they closed down the roseville call center so they could outsource to both inda and the philipness, and all the employees got like a $3-$4k severance pakage plus cashing out their vacation hours. Ah, but that was the past… no regrets, right?

I completed my OBE 118 – Law final, got a 92.4% which gave me an 86.8% in the class, so thats either a B or a B+. Not to bad. Professor LaRacco is an excellent teacher!
Today I finished my MIS 120 final, going into the final i had a 97%, but thats not counting my homework #3, so there is still 200 points between that homework and my final that i don’t know about. But I have a feeling I’ll be able to keep my A in that class!
For my Communications 103 class I have everything turned in, i really have no idea how I did. I’m going to assume that I’ll probably get a B in that class, but it is possible that i might get a C… I really hope i don’t though. I actuall really enjoyed this speech class, the main purpose of this class was to teach how to prepare for speeches and went into detail on how to give persuasive speeches. I never in my life thought I would actually enjoy a speech class! Professor Linda Patterson is another excellent teacher!
Finally, my Marketing class, MGMT 120 I have no idea what i’m going to get either a B or a C, we are turning in our final group paper tomorrow, that alone is worth 200 points! I really don’t like Prof. Hodges. Probably the second worst teacher i have ever had in my life, I learned absolutely nothing in my marketing class.
Despite how much I loathed Professor Hodges, and Professor Clarke from my first Accounting 1 class(Yes, my first Acct 1 class, I had to retake it because I failed), Sac State has a lot of excellent teachers teaching their upper division Management and OBE classes. I really have learned a lot about contemporary organizations and i guess what you could call ‘best practices’ in working in business.
I am disapointed, so far, of their MIS teachers. MIS is my concentration so I’d like to have some really good teachers. I’ve only had four teachers so far, and really only two of those four were actual classes required by the concentration. the other two were general requirements for the business degree core. I’ll reserve final judgement until i graduate, but i’ll have a better feeling of the MIS teachers next semester. Three of my four classes next semseter will be MIS.
One other thing that disapoints me are the general ed teachers at Sac State. Almost all of my professors at Sierra College were excellent teachers, especially my Computer Science teachers, however the G.E. teachers at Sac State seem to fall in the category of tenured teachers who don’t want to teach anymore, but don’t want to put the effort in to find another job. Then they tell you that if you don’t pass their class its your fault. They seem to have little desire educate and just want to go through the same motions they have gone through for the past 20 some odd years.
Nothing in college is more rewarding than completing a class and actually feeling like you learned something useful and enjoyed learning it.

**Don’t let me even start on the quality (or lack there of) of text books teachers require you to buy at Sac State**

So now I have my break from school until late January, I have already picked my classes, but I might juggle them around by adding and dropping when the semester starts, we’ll see.

Despite not going to school my weekends will be pretty hectic until after the new year due to the numerous familly events that are required this time of year.
I do have one house project I would like to complete this winter, that is to install a ceiling fan. There is currently no mount for a fan and no electricity, I’m going to have to run wire and install a mount. I don’t look forward to it, but I need to get it done since I already bought the fan 3-4 months ago!

This is enough blogging for me tonight, Christi is crying for me to help her create a Christmas CD, label, and cover that she wants to hand out to her staff as gifts.

Until next time.


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