School Schedule Spring 2006

Here is my tenative schedule for this comming up semester staring on the 23rd. Depending on who my MGMT 182 teacher is I may drop that class and sign up for MIS 180.

Course Call No. Credit Type Title Days Times Building Room
Main Campus Normal Academic Term 01-23-06 to 05-12-06
MGMT-182 -11 23766 3.00   STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT T 0600-0850PM ALP 236
MIS -124 -02 23851 3.00   WEB PROG APPL VISL BASI M 0430-0720PM ALP 224
MIS -150 -02 23871 3.00   DATABASE SYSTEMS BUSINE TR 0430-0545PM TAH 1004
MIS -160 -02 23876 3.00   SYS DEV LIFE CYCL PART W 0600-0850PM BRH 104

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