Its time to shake things up…

Well, I've attended all the classes I've signed up for and they all seem to be classes that are going to be extremely useful. I'm really excited about taking my Strategic Management class and my Systems Development class. The teacher in my Strategic Management class is a part time teacher and full time CEO of a software company in Folsom that purchases failing companies, has his team go in and take over the management positions, rebuilds the company, then replaces his management team with another that will run the company. My Systems Development teacher is quite an accomplished academic who eventually fell in love with entrepreneurship and has helped several companies rebuild. However, the best thing about both of these teachers are that they are genuinely interested in teaching what they know in a way that the students learn as much as possible. Truly the markings of exceptional teachers.

As this week progressed I started to realize that all the classes I'm in are class that I want to immerse myself in so I can fully understand everything my classes offer. I was contemplating whether to cut back on my work hours or completely leave my job so to focus on my studies. Then last night as I was sitting through the first class period of my three hour Systems Development class I learned that I also need to take MIS 140… THIS SEMESTER! So I checked sac states website and saw that it is only offered Tuesday/Thursday from 1:30pm-2:45pm. So I sit and think to myself…

I work from 6:30-3:30.

I have a monthly mortgage obligation.

Not all decisions in life are easy to make. In fact most important decisions are difficult to make.

You can never be successful unless you are willing to take risks and sacrifice.

I want to graduate ASAP! The sooner I graduate the sooner I can get on with my life. After all, one only lives once.

So I've decided that I'm going to try and add MIS 140 and not drop any classes. I've never completed a semester with more than 4 classes before, this semester will definitely be the most challenging semester I will ever have.


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