The end of one chapter.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’ve been quite busy with school, five classes is quite a bit for me to take on. But at least I have the time to focus on them now.
Quite a lot of comotion occured several weeks ago. After informing my boss about my delima with a required class I need to take in order to graduate I was later told that they don’t have any room for a part-time employee. They said that I would need to work full time.
So, while not quite ready to quit, I started taking 3 hours off of work Tuesdays and Thursdays to attend my class at 1:30pm. Things started getting stresful, all of my classes are very demanding this semester and I had little time to focus on some of the major projects that were near due.
Being at work was starting to feel strange. I was told that I had to work full time, but I was rocking the boat by using my PTO to attend class. The third week of the semester my boss confronted me about it along with our HR manager and told me that they will deny future requests of PTO for school purposes. It was an odd situation, this confrontation took place in a secluded meeting room in the back area of the companies executive offices. No doubt the same room they use to fire employee’s. In that meeting they wanted me to make a decision right then and there. They asked me what I plan to do tomorrow now that they won’t let me take my vacation to attend class. I told them that I was going to attend class. Then they asked me how I plan to do that since they won’t give me vacation to attend class. I didn’t answer, but gave them the look of ‘how the hell do you think i’m going to do it, i’m just going to go.’
I wasn’t quite ready to make the decision they wanted me to make right then. I bought myself a little time by asking our HR manager if he could check in the IT department for any part time positions i could lateral transfer too. I knew this was a hopless request but I wanted more time to think about everything.
I attend class that night and after class was over I contemplated all my options.
I knew from when I signed up for that class that either school or work was going to give; and I wasn’t going to let school be the one to give.
A short term sacrafice for a long term goal.
Since I already knew what I was going to do I just needed some time to come to terms with my decision.
The next morning I got into work early and was prepared to let everyone in the concrete department know that I was leaving, however they decided to have an out of office meeting that day. I filled out my termination, took it in to my boss and told her ‘here’s my answer.’
She was obviously unsuprised, her response was ‘you’re leaving today?!’
I told her that the company won’t let me take my vacation to attend class, and I plan to attend class today. So I walk out on work and risk being fired, or I quite at noon today. So she went and talked with our HR manager and then came to me and said they would let me work my last week and take vacation to attend class. I aggreed.
But then I sat there and thgought about it…

The one thing they wouldn’t let me do, they now are letting me do since I only have one week left.
Sheesh, what little respect they have for me.
I told them that if they want me to stay another week they can pay me for my full week, pay me out my vacation, and let me leave early for class. I wasn’t about to sucumb to everything they want. If they want me bad enough to train someone they can pay me for it, if not I walk.
Predictably they’d rather just be rid of me at this point. They acted like they didn’t understand what I was asking of them. They were asking me how I plan to get paid in full if i’m leaving early twice next week?
They were playing dumb, which suits them well. I’d had enough after a few minutes of that I said I’m done, I don’t want to deal with this any more.
And that was that.

So now I’m a full time student. Which in and of itself is a full time job. Especially this semester taking five classes, all of them hard and required this semester in order to graduate next semester.

I wen’t to the financial aid office and took out the rest of my loan money which should just barely last me till the end of the semester.
At that point I’ll have to find some job. Thats about the time I’ll start stressing out again.
But for now, I’m just enjoying my extra study time. I’m actually able to read my books for class now!

I also want every one to know how greateful I am for Christi’s understanding and willingness to help me out through this!
-Love ya toots!-


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