Too much school!

There has been so much stuff going on in my life that I don’t have any time to sit and write about it.
I’m taking 5 classes and here is the low down:

  1. Mgmt 182 – Strategic Management: Good class, lots of busy work. I usually spend part of Monday and all Tuesday morning working on assignments for this class. We are learning the fundamentals of corporate/business structures, and what criteria is used in making business & corporate level decisions. Teacher: David Saykally, Above average.
  2. MIS 124 – Business Web programming (ASP.NET & XML): Horrible teacher, has a hard time with English and I have a hard time believing she is qualified to teach the subject of web programming. I’m very disappointed as I was really looking forward to this class!
  3. MIS 140 – Business Telecommunications: OK teacher, not as bad as people say on Since I have an associates degree in Network you’d think I know a thing or two about the topic, but this teacher has his own twist to a lot of stuff. If you want to pass the class you need to know what he wants you to know. However, in my opinion, I don’t believe it is so important for an MIS student to be able to draw a phase-shiftkey modulation nor an amplitude modulation wave form. However professor Sandman thinks differently. The first test I got a 75, but the second test I brought it up to an 89 (second highest grade in the class.)
  4. MIS 150 – Business Database Systems: This class is the bane of any Sac State MIS student. There is only one other time I’ve seen a teacher take a somewhat simple and straight forward subject and twist it into something so difficult to understand that 25% of the class fails each semester. The first class I had this problem was accounting 1 where you needed a 40% to pass the class yet 50% of the class still failed. The solution to that was to take another teacher. However at Sac State only one teacher teaches MIS 150 and that is Nancy Tsai. Let me say first that I think she is an ok teacher, and she has her moments that make the class laugh. Also, she knows her stuff. She knows and understands everything she teaches. However, when she teaches she does a poor job of conveying the concepts of what she is trying to teach. She gives a lot of facts but the class has a hard time comprehending the subject. Her grading scheme is awful, you lose points on everything practically. My first test I got a 64 and my second test I got a 77. I studied my ass of for the second test and was sure I didn’t get less than an 84, I was PISSED when I saw I got a 75 (she marked 2 points off a right question so I got a 77 in reality). It looks like I’ll pass the class, which is more than I can say for some of my colleagues. The kicker to all of this is that you need to pass her class to earn a degree in MIS, its a rite-of-passage of sorts. This class has been by far the most stressful class I have ever taken in my 8 years of college.
  5. MIS 160 – Systems Development Lifecycle: This is my favorite class this semester. Professor Leonardo Legorreta is a great teacher in my opinion. He gets his students excited about the subject and offers up carrier advice that seems helpful. I’ll blog later about some of those things he encourages us to do. I also like this class because it IS MIS. This is the class that puts everything else together. Professor Legorreta likes to reinforce the fact that understanding the business is the important objective and is what will help you go further in your career. Great teacher!

Other news:
I got a job with the DMV as a student assistant, pay is $8-10/hr. Not much, but it will be an awesome resume builder. I start soon, not sure exactly when yet.

Going to a round table discussion called ‘business pathway to success’ that is put on through the school.

I have a group in every class, so if I’m not in class I’m usually meeting with a group…

Christi is on spring break right now and doing a fantastic job of painting my kitchen… I’m still not sure why, but she was hell bent on painting it during her spring break, I’d help her if I was on spring break too but I have so many fricken things due and coming due that I have no time for dealing with other stuff. So I figure I owe her something special after this semester is over and I have time to think about it.

There is so much more I could write about that has happened, but I just don’t have time.

I’ll try and put a little something up right before finals.


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