Made it… kind of

Well, I made it through yesterday. My test in MIS 150 was much harder than expected, Hopefully I'll get above a 65% on it. I'm not expecting more than a C in that class, I'll be really upset if I get less than that considering that earning my grade in this class was the hardest grade I've ever earned! My biggest problem with her teaching style is that she doesn't teach you the concepts on how things work, she states facts on the topics and gives a few examples. Understanding the why and how is left up to the class. On top of that she has her own way of thinking about problems, In class when she was giving an example of normalization she had us work on a problem as a quiz. After the quiz she did the problem on the board so we can see how it should be done, I got it wrong according to what she put on the board. I argued with her durring class because the problem wasn't explained enough to derive her answer, she thought the way I did the problem was simply wrong. She then assigned homework to practice normalization, in the book it had the same exact problem she did on the board. The answer in the book was exactly how I derived it in class! I brought this to her attention and she simply stated that her way was more 'flexible.'
So, in my mind, I understand normalization to the point where I should be able to pass this class. But proving that to professor Tsai is the challenge.

On another note, in my Strategic Management class we had a massive team meltdown. We had a major group project due and everyone but one person did their part. One of our team members had to write the executive summary. I emailed the person stating that I would need it by this Sunday at noon, no response. So I figured he was just taking his time doing it, but the day before it was due i still had no response and shot off a flair to my group in the form of an email stating that we didn't have an Executive Summary and I didn't have time to write one (Since I had to study for MIS 150). Thankfully someone in our group took initiative and wrote it.
On a side note, an Executive summary is really easy to write, its basically a 1-2 page summary of the main points and conclusion of the paper.
So this guy didn't have to do hardly any work, what little work we assigned him he blew off. and didn't respond to the group.
But wait, it gets better.
I for sure didn't think he was going to show up for the presentation, unless he was in a body cast or something, I've never had anyone in any of my groups completely blow off the team until now. Sure I've had slackers on teams I've been in but never someone who put zero effort into a project.

So he shows up to class dressed professional like we all agreed on, then I find out he also blew off his other responsibility of helping with the class brochure. He also had the responsibility of helping creating a simple/professional brochure to hand out to our class to help with our presentation. Whatever effort he put into the brochure he did 30 mins before class started. I wasn't apart of that effort so I don't know exactly what happened with that but I do know he screwed the pooch on that one.
Then, the highlight of our presentation was that the girl who put together our power point slide (the same girl who wrote the executive summary at the last minute, and helped me correct the final proof of our paper) she forgot to email it out to everyone. So there goes our presentation.
Then to top it off the flake in the group didn't know what he was talking about and was just babbling. It wasn't a pretty site, but I think we pulled off a decent presentation inspite of what was going on.

oh well, life goes on. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from others mistakes if you can.

So what do I have left to do?

  • MIS 150 Deliverable #3
  • MGMT 182 at home final
  • MIS 140 Final
  • MIS 124 Final
  • MIS 160 Final
  • MIS 160 Individual Deliverable
  • MIS 160 Team deliverable 1&2 redo

And then I'm done for the semester.
This was by far the hardest semester I've ever had.


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