Spring 2006 Semester in Review

The semester is over and I survived…

Like I said in an earlier posting, this was the hardest semester I've ever had.
This wasn't a normal semester, I was planning on taking only 4 classes (MIS 124, 150, 124, and MGMT 182) but in order for me to take MIS 161 in the Fall I needed to complete MIS 140, 150, and 160 THIS semester. MIS 140 was offered for only one session during the day, Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30pm to 2:45pm, which conflicted with my work schedule. But after Dr. Legorreta informed the class that we had to have all the prerequisite completed in order to take 161 I signed up for MIS 140 class, knowing that it was going to cause problems at work. I lost my job after three and a half weeks into the semester and the stress from that fiasco caused me to score poorly on three of my early tests. That was a wakeup call telling me that these classes are going to be hard! However I persevered and studied hard for my second round of midterms (Why do they still call them 'mid' terms?) and scored decently; I also did all my homework and made sure I understood the majority of the material. The final results were better than I was expecting towards the end of the semester.
Check it out:

Course Description Course ID Grade Earned Hours Quality Hours Quality Points
STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT MGMT-182 -11 A- 3.00 3.00 11.10
WEB PROG APPL VISL BASIC MIS -124 -02 A- 3.00 3.00 11.10
BUS TELECOMMUNICATIONS MIS -140 -01 B 3.00 3.00 9.00
DATABASE SYSTEMS BUSINESS MIS -150 -02 B 3.00 3.00 9.00
SYS DEV LIFE CYCL PART I MIS -160 -02 A 3.00 3.00 12.00
Period Earned Hours Quality Hours Quality Points GPA
This Term 15.00 15.00 52.20 3.480
CSUS 82.00 85.00 253.90 2.987
Overall 144.00 147.00 467.90 3.183

MGMT 182
Despite everything that I mentioned in my last blog post about this class our final deliverable got 170/170! That was pretty impressive, he even stated that our Executive Summary was good! Our presentation that sucked ass IMHO got a 40/50, so thats not too bad.

MIS 124
I got the highest grade in the final for this class! That was a surprise considering that I hardly studied for the test. Immediately after the final the class gathered in the hallway and started pissing and moaning that the class was too hard; and apparently a lot of the students were graduating seniors who weren't going to be graduating since they failed this class. I will admit that the final was ridiculously hard, but I only needed to get a 40 on the Final to pass the class. I don't see how these people failed the class unless they didn't do squat on the project. The project was our hands on experience that actually taught us stuff about ASP.NET. The teacher was horrible and didn't 'teach' anything. She just read from her power point slides. Hard class, bad teacher, but the class was passable with mid to moderate effort.

MIS 150
This class was a surprise. Professor Tsai must have curved the class by at least 7% because somehow I earned a "B" in her class. I sweated blood in her class, lost sleep from her tests, and skipped other classes just to keep up with her material. Thank God I don't have to take her class again. The lesson I learned from her class was that "You have to please the people that can give you what you want."

MIS 140
The class that I "quit" my job over was hard. I'm sure the class was curved, I would have had to probably of gotten a 80 on the final to get an A. However, since I had so many other things going on I had no time to study. Plus the final in this class was cumulative so I would have had to set aside at least 2 to 3 four hour study sessions to prepare for it. I was in the top 5 of the class going into the final so I would have had to suck balls to get a C in the class. I got a 51 on the final, the class average was 52. I ended up getting 421 points, a B in the class.

MIS 160
This class was my favorite class of the semester, professor Legorreta was informative and inspirational. I'm glad he doesn't pound on a narrow curriculum but has a broad subject of teachings, including Kouzes & Posner's The Leadership Challenge, benefits of knowing English well, Project Management, System Development Lifecycle, and group forming. Lots of stuff to learn. I don't know why, but some of my classmates didn't like the course because there wasn't a narrow set of material to study for. They were afraid they were going to get a low grade since his grading scheme was so strict. His grading was strict, but also it wasn't. I think the most important thing to get from the class was to not only understand what he was teaching, but embrace it. If you buy into what he is teaching you'll get a good grade. The ideas the professor was teaching were broad, his focus was on turning his pupils from "students to professionals."
If you understood this you got a good grade in the class. I got an A.
I think Dr. Legorreta did a good job with the class, I plan on blogging more about what I learned from that class.


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