Summer School

Summer school starts when Christi and I get back from Disneyland. I'm taking my last G.E. class at American River College. Here is a description of the class quoted from the ARC site:

ANTH 301 Physical Anthropology Laboratory 1 Unit
Prerequisite: None
Corequisite: ANTH 300.
Course Transferable to UC/CSU
Hours: ; 54 Hours LAB
Description: This course is an introductory laboratory course designed to provide students with an opportunity to become familiar with the methods of the science of biological anthropology while investigating topics in laboratory and field situations. Topics covered in the course are: the scientific method; sources of biological variation and forces of evolution; human osteology; human variation; taxonomy and comparative osteology of the primates, and fossil evidence for human evolution. AA/AS area 3A; CSU area B2; IGETC area 5B.

Schedule: Six Week – Second, Jun 26-Aug 03
MTWTh 08:00AM-10:05AM LAB C.Speckman Natomas Educ Ctr N201 12902

Now doesn't that sound like tons-o-fun?

The purpose of taking this class is to fill my B2 & B3 requirements.

After this summer… only two more classes!

  • MIS 161: System Development Lifecycle II
  • MIS 132: Management Science Techniques

Both classes will be taught by Dr. Leonardo Legorrta which is a plus!


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