The next book I want…

I was fortunate enough to have recently finished Head First HTML with XHTML & CSS which I wrote a review for on The head first series is an awesome series, I have the Head First Java 2nd ed. on its way to my house now and am also anxiously awaiting the release of Head First Object Oriented Analysis & Design which is due to come out in September… perhaps a B-day present? (Probably not since I'll want to buy it as soon as its released!)

You can get a quick glimpse of the book from this pdf that is posted on the books official web site

Any way, here is a quote from the java ranch saloon from the author of OOA&D regarding the table of contents for the book.

Hi Ram,

Thanks for your interest. Here's the current chapter list (subject to change…but not much) to give you a rough idea:

1. Intro
2. "An OO Story" (a refactoring example)
3. Use Cases
4. Analysis
5. Encapsulation, Packaging and Access Control
6. Abstractions, Inheritance and Polymorphism
7. Types (static, dynamic, generics, etc.)
8. Associations
9. Objects (object diagrams, the heap, garbage collection, etc.)
10. Design Principles (OCP, Law of Demeter, etc.)
11. Object-to-Relational Mapping
Appendix. Misc Topics

A lot of core UML concepts are also included throughout the book (it's not a complete UML guide, but it definitely hits the high points).

Also, most examples are in Java, but there are also quite a few examples in other languages (Ruby, C#, C++, Python). It's not, strictly speaking, a Java book (but it's Java-friendly).

Hope that helps.



You can read the whole post at the Java Saloon.

 After I finish with this book I'll finally be ready to read the Head First Design Patterns book that I bought a while ago.


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