Introducing my fiancee, Christi!

Christi and I had our 3rd anniversary on June 22nd 2006 and we decided to go to Disneyland to celebrate the occasion. Little did she know that I had a surprise for her!

We have been talking about marriage on and off about it for a while now but I always kept it open ended since I wanted it to be a surprise for when I would ask her. I’ve known for quite a while now that I would ask her but since I like to do some things with a little flare I decided to wait for an opportune moment. I figured that our 3rd anniversary combined with a vacation to her favorite place AND staying in a Disneyland hotel, Paradise Pier, was the perfect place and time to make my move.

I purchased the ring at the Shane Co and thought out my plan for the perfect moment to ‘pop the question.’ When I purchased the ring I wanted to pick a nice one and figured I could buy a diamond later (since they cost so frickin’ much), so I had them put in an purple sapphire with an oval shape, to match the two mini oval side diamonds. I picked up the ring and went out to my parents house in Wheatland on Father’s Day and broke the news to my parents, they were obviously happy… Now I was only hoping that my plan would go with out a hitch…

Christi and I then packed up for our trip and drove down to Anaheim Wednesday the 21st. This trip didn’t feel as long as our last drive down, probably because Christi drove most of the way there 🙂 Once we arrived we unpacked and strolled around Downtown Disney for a while before calling it a night.

Then THE DAY came.

Before we left the hotel room Christi surprised me with an anniversary card! I was so caught up in my mission I had forgotten to get her anything beside the you-know-what! Thankfully I was able to get out of that situation with out Christi suspecting anything.

According to the lady at the front desk the quickest way into the park from the Paradise Pier hotel was to go on the monorail, so that’s where we went. However, after waiting and waiting the monorail didn’t show up and they announced that it would be delayed! Great! There goes part of my plan. So we walk through Downtown Disney and through the front gates of the park. Once we got in, the nervousness got to me, and the coffee too. We headed off to the bathroom.

Once we were finished there Christi was insistent that we go on space mountain before the line is five miles long, so we went on space mountain. Let me tell you, I think they could have done a lot more to that ride during the 5 year period they had it closed down, it was virtually the same as I remember it. The only thing that seemed new to me was that there were more stars as you rode around on the roller coaster.

Christi Kicking my AssI told Christi that I wanted to check out the castle, as we were walking from space mountain towards the castle Christi spotted the new Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters ride and wanted to go on it since the line was short. I obliged since I didn’t want to make anything seem out of the ordinary. This ride was actually pretty fun, you ride around in a Buzz Lightyear spaceship that you can control with a joystick and go around shooting at things as if in a video game. Eventually we ended up going on this ride twice… Christi kicked my ass both times… I have no idea how she did it either! she didn’t even look in the same direction as she would shoot her gun! Oh well, time for the big moment.

So we get to the castle, I’m sure you figured out by now what my plan was, I was hoping to get there early so there would be no one in the background as I proposed to my beautiful, wonderful, girl friend. I told the camera man my plan, we talked it over to make sure we were on the same page of what was going on and I gave him my camera, he congratulated me.


I walked over to Christi, who had no clue what was about to happen, pulled out a little gray fuzzy box, dropped to one knee, opened the box, and asked “Christi, will you marry me?”

Her blue eyes lit up as she said “Really? … Yeah!”

Mike Proposing to Christi In Front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle

I’m one lucky guy!


One thought on “Introducing my fiancee, Christi!

  1. Wow, you actually propose to her at disneyland…U are one lucky guy !

    Going to disneyland for your proposal is the best decision you have ever made, I am sure. Last year, my husband and I visited disney with our 2 boys and we thoroughly love it.

    We will be going back again later this year as we felt that was the best vacation break that we ever had. So disney here we come…….

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