Too hot to handle!

Hot Desert SunI want to share with everyone this picture of the sunset I took while looking out my window last night…

The official temperature for yesterday was a sweltering 111 deg (f). Holy smokes! I didn’t get any sleep last night either with it being between 85-90 deg in my house, all night!

Christi and I spent the weekend frying. We helped her parents with their move Friday after work, it was 103 deg. Then we went to Sonoma for her friend’s wedding (Peter & Abi). Which was all out doors. Thankfully only the ceremony was in the sun, the reception was under a canopy of the trees. But it was still 106 deg there!

Then we got back home Sunday morning to tend to our dogs and then went off to help Christi’s parents again with some more moving/packing.

Did I mention it was 111 deg yesterday!?

When will this heat wave end???

I think the sun is going to collide with the earth!The Earth and a Large Sun


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