Update on life

I haven’t been doing a good job with keeping this current on whats going on with me so I’ll try and summarize the past few months since when Christi and I got engaged.

  1. Fourth of July

    Christi and I went to her friends Mindy & Missy’s mom’s house for a 4th of July BBQ and then later went to old Sacramento, where we have gone every year since we’ve been together. We Watched the fireworks again this year from atop the parking garage, which has the best view. It seems that each year the parking garage gets more and more crowded. Maybe people shouldn’t mention the secret spot on their blogs….

    Then we came home to an awful horrible site, our dogs were scared $#!t-less, literally, from the constant sound of fireworks outside. However, worse than the site of the massive mess in the kitchen I found something that made me cry… Our dog Tara, in trying to hide from the tormenting sounds, crawled under my desk and laid on top of my computer. She laid right on top of the main vent that cools my computer. End result? broken computer!

    Long story short, I thought both my CPU and mobo were fried. However I found out it was only my CPU, which AMD replaced. But unfortunately I did purchase a new mobo (an ASUS) from NewEgg before realizing I didn’t need to. I ended up keeping my original motherboard since I really didn’t feel like doing a windows reinstall. The restocking fee was about $10.

    My computer was out of commission for about two weeks.

  2. Summer school

    I had one last GE course I needed to take to graduate, a life science with a lab (technically two classes).

    I originally tried to get a class at Sac City, which is closer to home, but could only find a qualifying class at American River College. The class I signed up for was Anthropology 300 and Anthropology 301, one is the lecture and the other is the lab.

    This class was far more interesting than I would have imagined. Anthropology is the study of humans and is generally broken into four main subjects.

    • Archaeological
    • Biological
    • Linguistic
    • Sociocultural

    I was signed up for Physical Anthropology which touches on the first two in the list. In the first half of the class we learned about the wonderful world of cells, DNA, and bones. The second half of the class focused on primates, paleoanthropology discoveries of Hominids, and evolution… yes the much politicized topic of evolution! (Since I now have a basic understanding and knowledge of the scientific side of the topic I was planning on doing a post or two regarding my thoughts on the topic).

    The class was a six week course and very intense, we meet Monday through Thursday 8am to 12:30pm, and I had to work everyday ’til 5pm. I still enjoyed the class a lot. The teacher was a relatively young teacher and seemed nervous at times, but he was thoughtful and passionate about the topic which is one of the most important ingredients in making a class enjoyable. His nervousness stuck with him throughout the whole course so I think it was just a part of his personality, which is fine. One of the fun things we learned in the lab was how to differentiate male bones from female bones from ape bones, and various other aspects of important parts of the skeletal structure.

    Fun class, but glad its over! I just checked my grades an I got a B in the lecture (3 units) and an A in the lab (1 unit). Now I just need to get them transferred over to Sac State.

  3. My Toyota Pickup

    The weekend before last Christi and I found out that something was stolen from my pickup, probably the strangest thing I’ve ever had stolen from me, a section of my exhaust pipe! Someone walked up onto my property, crawled under my truck, and sawed out about a 2′-3′ section of my exhaust pipe. The part they removed contained my catalytic converter, which according to my dad runs around $300. Yeah, that’s a lot, but I wouldn’t have thought that was enough to actually risk going onto someones property and spending the time to saw it out!

    Regardless of the IQ of the thief, it prompted me, and even more so Christi, to start looking into moving out of wonderful Tahoe Park.

  4. Real Estate

    Christi demanded that I see what my early pay-off penalty would be if we sold our house before our 3rd year of living here. I called up my bank and was surprised to find out that the prepayment penalty only applies if I refinance. Someone I talked to prior left me with the strong impression that any change in the loan (refinance or selling of) would incur the penalty. The person I talked with this time sounded quite knowledgeable (something I can determine easily since I worked at Earthlink for three years!) and said that I wouldn’t incur the penalty if I sell the house in an arms length transaction. That is to say I sell the house and keep my own interests first and foremost, no selling to friends or family.

    So this is very good news! We can sell the house tomorrow if we want!

    But we’re not going to do that. We are going to focus on finishing all unfinished projects, install a new front door, and see about installing new carpet and linoleum in the kitchen. Last Sunday I spent the day repairing all our broken sprinklers and I plan on reseeding the lawn since it looks like utter crap right now. It’s my fault. I never set the sprinklers in the dirt and let them stick up high out of the ground. This made them easy targets for kicking and lawn mowers.

    But the biggest problem is money. My job, while good for helping build my resume, pays only peanuts. Home repair and moving are both expensive propositions, and I’m very uncomfortable with how much debt I’ve built up in repairing this house and keeping a main focus on school. I need a new Job!

    Take a deep breath, this post is almost finished. You can make it, I have faith in you! Only one more bullet point!

  5. On with the job hunt!

    So now I’m starting to focus on finding a new job, I really want to get a job in some part of the software development spectrum. Preferably as some type of systems analyst, even an entry level developer would be really good too. Unfortunately when it comes right down to it, I need a real job and need to make real money.

    Unfortunately I won’t have my bachelors degree to leverage, but I will have the ability to state that I will have it by the end of December! Hopefully that will be enough to get me a desirable job. The more money I start making the better the loan Christi and I can get to buy a new house! We’re still in the early planning phase of selling and buying but we are looking to move somewhere between Antelope, Citrus Heights, Lincoln, or Roseville. I want a garage so badly!

See, you made it! Sure it was a long post but I knew you had it in you to make it to the finish! Go treat yourself to an alcoholic beverage of your choice!


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