What to do when project is at max capacity?

I have yet to become a PMP but that doesn’t stop me from being a member of pmi.org and reading their e-newsletter.

Today I got one that had a quick little artical about working a project at max capacity, the main point is that you shouldn’t run a project at more than 80% capacity in case one of several problems arise. Such as the following:

  • Loss of a key team member for two weeks
  • A key document requiring re-work one time more than planned before approval
  • A one month moratorium on overtime
  • Failure of a server disk
  • Loss of the contents of a filing cabinet
  • Theft of your briefcase
  • Destruction of your laptop

If you do happen to find yourself above maximum capactiy then first cut back on throughput (promised output) then see if it is possible to add resources to facilitate work at the prior rate.

I believe the project management equation is something akin to this: money^time = features/requirements in finished project.

If you would like to read the short artical you can do so here:



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