So long red truck

My brother Kevin came over to my house today to finish the paper work for purchasing my truck. After both the catilitic converter and subwolfer were stolen I knew I couldn’t keep it here any more.

He’s excited about having the truck and he wen’t to the wrecking yards over in Rancho Cambodia to yank an A/C unit off a similar truck, I’m not sure if he was successfull or not.

He has also started his college career so I’ve been giving him some advice on what to focus on and what to prioritize, the last thing I want for him is to be as directionless as I was when I first went into college.

I’m not saying that it was necissarily bad for me to be as directionless as I was, I learned a lot about myself and what I want and what I think I want. However, I think I’d be a lot further along in life if I had a bit more guidence. I do want to say in the same breath that I don’t want to impose my view of the world and college on him, or Matt and Katie when they graduate from High School. I want to make sure that they realize that they are the ones calling shots for their own lifes.


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