Deans Honors List!


I haven’t been on the Deans list since my hey day at Sierra College! I was browsing my Academic record for Sac State this morning and saw this:

-----------------------Spring 2006-------------------------
MGMT-182 -11 STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT         A-   3.00  11.10
MIS -124 -02 WEB PROG APPL VISL BASIC     A-   3.00  11.10
MIS -140 -01 BUS TELECOMMUNICATIONS       B    3.00   9.00
MIS -150 -02 DATABASE SYSTEMS BUSINESS    B    3.00   9.00
MIS -160 -02 SYS DEV LIFE CYCL PART I     A    3.00  12.00
       Good Standing
       Dean's Honor List
                            EHRS    QHRS    QPTS     GPA
     Current                15.00   15.00   52.20   3.480
     CSUS                   82.00   82.00  253.90   3.096
     Overall               144.00  144.00  467.90   3.249

See that little note in the middle? “Dean’s Honor List” How sweet it is!

However, I have no idea how this benefits me other than a little note in my transcript and me patting myself on the back…


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