Word of The Day – Pejorative

In the past I’ve put up a few fancy words and their definitions, I’m going to formalize it on my blog as a word of the day and categorize it as such. There obviously won’t be a new word everyday but every so often when I do come across an interesting word I’ll post it up!

Here is todays Word of The Day from Dictionary.com:

pejorative \pih-JOR-uh-tiv\, adjective:
1. Tending to make or become worse.
2. Tending to disparage or belittle.

1. A belittling or disparaging word or expression.

Citing the construction industry, car dealers, and politicians as the purveyors of “sprawl” (a pejorative term that does not even allow for the possibility of benefits associated with low-density development), Kunstler fails to consider the role of market forces.
— Julia Hansen, “letter to the editor”, The Atlantic, December 1996

While he said that he is not a “fanboy,” mildly pejorative slang for an aggressively obsessive “Star Wars” fan, he did mention that the John Williams “Star Wars” theme was played at his wedding reception two years ago.
— Michel Marriott, “On a Galaxy of Sites, ‘Star Wars’ Fever Rises”, New York Times, May 6, 1999


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