Nifty Java code

Here is some nifty Java code I wrote.

while (improvedMoral == false) {

I’m slowly reading Head First Java and it, like Head First HTML, is a fantastic book! I’ve become a Head First evangelist!


6 thoughts on “Nifty Java code

  1. I think you mean: while (improvedMoral == false), otherwise it’s treated as an assignment ;).
    I think i’ve just come across with a case of extremely scary coincidence. You wouldn t be Michael Farihna from javaranch, would you? Sorry if it’s sounds weird, but I post there once in a while and I just saw your name there (or somebody else sharing exactly the same name and doing some java)!

  2. Haha, yup you’ve found me!

    I don’t frequent Java Ranch much but have been the past few days since I started getting back to reading my Head First Java book.

    Thanks for the post and the error in my code… programming in VB too much has given me bad habits!

  3. Yes, but I don’t think you’ve quite sized the coincidence, I’m the “Dani Atrei” on javaranch!!! I just gave you a reply today on one of your posts! Again, sorry about the unclear answer, I was very busy.

  4. Yes, it is! Although I was looking to your blog for the past 2 weeks I think, more or less, but it’s quite incredible to have replied to someone who’s blog I was looking at for just the past 2 weeks. I mean I just posted today on javaranch after quite a while of no posting!
    I’m a student in the UCL in London, I’m buiding up my flickr account now (well, after I get some food, I’m quite famished) some of its buildings are in the pictures I’ll upload,


  5. So you’ve been on my blog for two weeks! Hehe. I thought you just stumbled upon it today!

    I’ll check out your flicr acct when I get home… at work now and the firewall here doesn’t allow me to view the site.

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