Nothing Dies on the Internet – Celica vs Mustang


This is crazyness… I was browsing the internet(well, google is basically the internet now right?) for my name to see what sites have my name. I came across an old Toyota Celica website that I was a member of when it first launched. I posted my name and a picture of my Celica. Then that got me thinking about a set of 3 videos a few friends and I did. Two videos of my Celica vs Shaun’s Mustang and one video of my Celica vs Brandon’s sport bike. I can’t recall exactly but I think I posted the videos up on some personal site I did a long time ago and shared it with a few other sites. A few months later I noticed that someone picked up the video and posted it on their site which was the last I remember of it. That was over 4 years ago.

So I plugged into google Celica vs Mustang, lo and behold the very first link is to with one of the old videos! Apparently it’s been on there since March 18, 2006!

When do I start collecting royalties for my artistic content?


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