Who does your life belong to?

I just finished reading the latest blog post from my favorite blog, Creating Passionate Users, and read something that struck me. The topic of the post is about reducing fear in people to give them a better experience, however what struck me had little to do with that topic and everything to do with person writing the post, Kathy Sierra. In talking about her fear of getting a mammogram she had this to say:

It was selfish of me, as a mother myself, to not do everything I can to stay healthy and alive, but fear does bizarre, irrational things to the brain. Finally, though, all the pink-awareness and a visit to this extraordinary hospital convinced me.

Many people don’t realize that their life doesn’t belong to them exclusively. They often forget that they are a mother and father’s child, someones sibling, someones friend, a teacher’s student, a student’s teacher, an old lady’s helping hand, a dog’s best-friend, a loving spouse, and/or someone who affects the life of everyone they encounter.

This is one of my philosophies in life that I try to adhere to. However it is easy to forget when you often see people act with disregard towards others, and especially towards themselves. Things such as drug-use, suicide, obesity, anorexia, stealing, lying, cheating, or anything else done for the explicit purpose of ones own pleasure or one own success without regard to others can be detrimental to that persons relationships and cause others to act the same way.

Its refreshing to see when people, such as Kathy, express that her life and her well-being is not the sole concern of hers, but is the concern of all those around her. To paraphrase her (again):

“It was selfish of me … to not do everything I can to stay healthy and alive”


One thought on “Who does your life belong to?

  1. This made me think of a passage from “What is the point of being a Christian”. It’s not about drugs, but it’s related to Kathy’s realisation that her life doesn’t belong to her exclusively. In way everyone could say I am because we are. Here is the passage:

    “Some one once wrote to a famous Rabbi, …, that he was deeply unhappy. He wrote, “I would like the Rabbi’s help. I wake up each day sad and apprehensive. I can’t concentrate. I find it hard tto pray. I keep the commandments, but I find no spiritual satisfaction. I go to the synagogue but I feel alone. I begin to wonder what life is about. I need help.” The Rabbi just sent the letter back underlining the first word of each sentence. And it is always the same ‘I’.”

    I am because we are.

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