Engagment & Graduation Photos

OK, so I’m still taking a bit too long in between my posts, sorry.

Back in October Christi and I were scheduled to take engagement photos with our wedding photographer, Jennifer Pechan. We took the pictures at the park by the capitol since it is fairly close to the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, which is were we will be making our wedding vow’s in a few short months, June 16th 2007. Right after our engagment photos Christi and I got our caps and gowns and took our graduation photos there too.

It was a nice day that day. We saw about two other couples taking engagement pictures there with their own photographers and we also saw about six wedding groups taking various photos at the Capitol and around the park. Most of the wedding parties seemed to be Russian, or perhaps Ukrainian, which was interesting.

The best thing we like about our photographer is that all her photos are digital and she is computer savvy. What she does is that she will take photos and then later spend time touching them up in Photoshop for us. She also posts our photos on an online gallery for us so that we can share it with friends and family and she gave us a DVD with all of the original photos and the modified photos. Here are a few of the photos I like:

Mike and Christi Engagement Photo

Mike and Christi Engagement Photo

Mike and Christi Graduation Photo


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