CompUSA’s going out of business sale

This is somewhat old news but CompUSA has decided to close down nearly half of its stores, including all of its stores in the Sacramento region.

Currently the stores in my area are having a ‘going out of business’ sale so I figured it would be a good time to go and pillage what I can from them since everything in the store is at least 25% off. I picked up a few things since now I can afford to spend a little more than when I was a stressing out as a poor student. I picked up a copy of Windows Vista – Ultimate (Upgrade) for 30% off, a nice Plantronics head set for 25% off, some DVD movies, and a motorized Memorex CD repair kit.

However now I realize why CompUSA is going out of business. Even with 25% off, most of the merchandise they are trying to liquidate can be found online cheaper (including shipping and tax).

I wasn’t too happy when I saw my new headset and CD repair kit being sold online cheaper than what I got mine for.

The exception was for Windows Vista, 30% off is pretty good for a retail copy of the OS. I figured I’d buy it since it will be around for a while and I’d probably upgrade to it eventually out of curiosity. I was, however, quite happy with Windows XP x64(I was running the 64-bit version). It has been a stable and reliable system for several years.

I went back to CompUSA yesterday and they now have Windows Vista at 40% off, but everything else worth buying is still not worth the discount. I asked one of the associates what their last day was and he didn’t know. I assume that it will close when they can sell everything off, so once things stop selling at 25% off they’ll drop the price even more. I’ll probably stop by weekly to see how things pan out.


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