The most important thing to have after you graduate

Well, I’ve been a State employee now for two months and two days and things couldn’t be better!

It really is nice to finally have launched into my career. I thing that the most important thing I did to get this job, besides earning my degree, was to work an internship. As an intern, getting that initial experience to put on your resume is so extremely important. Look at it from an employer’s point of view, who would you hire?:

  • A graduate who has 7 years experience at a grocery store and no professional experience in the area of study?
  • A graduate who has 1 or more years experience in the area of study?

The hardest thing about being an intern is that they pay little, if anything, and a lot of students at commuter schools, like Sacramento State, are usually paying their own way through college and have a hard time affording everything as it is. I was extremely lucky in that I had Christi to help with the mortgage while I was working as an intern at the Department of Motor Vehicles(DMV) (I guess she was also lucky that I was able to cover a lot for her when she was doing her internship almost three years ago :-).

We were both able to benefit from our sacrifices for each other. Christi has been at her job career for over two years, and now I’m starting to get the hang of my career.

So if there are any college students reading this my advice to you is to get some experience in your field of study before you graduate, things will move much quicker for you after you graduate!


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