My Feelings Two Day’s Before the Wedding

I feel really odd, in a good way, but am not quite sure how to cope with the feeling.

It has yet to sink in that I have finally graduated from college. I have my degree, although it has yet to be framed and put on display. All I have known over the past 9 years, and especially the past 4 years, was work, school, and sleep. I would work just enough allow for a fair amount of study time, and enough to keep my debt at a slow increase, as opposed to a rapid one. It was a fairly meager life, although I was lucky enough to actually afford a house during that time. Not the greatest house, and not in the greatest neighborhood, but good enough to call home until I could afford something else.

Now my life is completely different. I have graduated. I have found a good job that is 100% in my field. I will be marrying the love of my life whom also has a really good job, and lastly we are in the process of buying a new home in Roseville, which is a much nicer area than Sacramento.

It doesn’t quite seem like my life anymore, I’m not used to this. Perhaps it is because it is happening so quickly that I haven’t had time to adjust?

I hope this doesn’t sound like I’m depressed, far from it. It’s just that it has been a long time since I have been remotely as happy as I am now. I have a kind of fear that it will be taken from me, like I don’t deserve it.

That is the overview of my life, the more immediate concern of mine is that in two days, on June 16th, Christi and I will be getting married!

Christi is like a machine in doing all the planning, she has done probably 80% of all the planning. It’s like she was born to get married, haha! I suppose girls are like that.

I’ve done probably about 10% of the planning which mainly included all the important ceremony details, like keeping in contact with the Cathedrals Wedding Coordinator, setting up the meeting with the priest, and scheduling the time to go in and get the marriage certificate. All the other planning was between Christi and her mom.

So I’m ready for the big day. My only real fears are that of being the center of attention all day. What do I say, how should I act? For me, and I assume most guys, I’ve never really thought about how I should feel about being a groom on his wedding day. Take this confusing feeling and add it to the overall confusing feeling I have for life in general, it makes for an odd feeling.

Good, but odd.

I probably won’t post before the wedding, so here is a quick run down of the rest of the week.

  • Today: Last day of work (got out early), co-workers got us a nice card and took up a money collection for a gift. Also my post-nasal drip that I’ve had for the past week is starting to turn into a cold, this sucks.
  • Tomorrow: Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner
  • Saturday: Christi and I get married, forecasts show temperatures between 89 and 96 deg. Lets hope for the lower end of the forecast!
  • Sunday: Father’s Day, we are going to try and make it out to my parents that day.
  • Monday: Aloha Hawaii!

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