Some 2003 Video Footage of the Republicans and Democrats

Here is a good follow up video showing the Democrats trying to talk down to the Republican’s that were trying to enact regulation on Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae. Make sure to check out the videos in the post below first!


CA Unions Owe Non-Members

A news article in the Sacramento Bee today has a story about the State Service Employees International Union Local 1000 (SEIU 1000) and how they spent $12 million dollars in their successful attempt to stop Arnold’s special election inititives back in 2005, which I blogged about back in Nov. 2005. Of the $12,000,000 spent a quarter of it was paid for by State workers who choose not to join the union.

A federal judge has declared that SEIU 1000 must “send notices to the workers who opted out of union membership. The union must issue refunds, with interest, to those non-union members who object to the special assessment.”

Since February of last year (2007) I became a State employee and subsequently a member of SEIU 1000. Although I have yet to understand much of what the union does I do know that they are a pretty lousy union. The union rules are not fair at all. Recently there was an initiative put forth to rescind the union’s fairshare fee’s. I voted ‘yes’ to have them rescinded. However for a union law to be passed by the members there has to be a majority of the members, regardless if they vote or not, to vote for the new law. So if only 49% of the union membership votes to pass a new law it will automatically fail. It is a very effective way to silence those the union is supposed to represent.

Look past the break for the text of the Sac Bee story.

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2008 USA Presidential Primary

Who to vote for?

I’m a registered Republican so when the it comes time to vote here in California I can only vote for another Republican in the primaries. However the current Democratic primary is intensely interesting to watch. First you have Hillary Clinton, who needs no introduction, running under the guise of ‘experience’ but with the stigma of being a part of the ‘establishment.’ Then you have the main challenger Barack Obama running as the champion of change and hope. Then you have John Edwards who is running, again, as the traditional Democrat. Continue reading

Home Sweet New Home

I guess I still do have this blog!

Quick update.

Married Life if going good, I picked a wonderful woman to marry… or maybe a wonderful woman picked me. In either case I’m a pretty lucky fellow.

My job is going well. It is quite a laid back job with a lot of nice people to work with, I’m quite thankful for my job too.

Ever since we got back from our honeymoon we’ve been working to get this house into shape to sell, new flooring, new gate, new sprinkler valves, lots of work. The house has been on the market since mid October and we’ve only had 4 people call to come look at it! Three of them in the first week and one two Sundays ago. Sheila, our Realtor, held an Open house this past Saturday but no one came. Pretty frustrating. The housing market right now is beyond stagnant. Our contract with Sheila runs out in mid January, if we can’t sell it by then we will be renting it out.

As for the good news in the ‘housing situation’ we are doing our final walk through of our new house this next Monday, the 17th. Christi and I are extremely excited and anxious to move in. We stopped by our new house yesterday to take measurements to plan for the move and we took some pictures while we were there. We are scheduled to close on the 20th, Thursday, and then move our stuff Friday and Saturday.

Front View of Our New HomeSide ViewOur New Kitchen